Cruise 4 Kids, 501(c)3 Non-Profit Organization


Our Story: C4K “Cruise 4 Kids” is a non-profit organization that started as a sports & exotic car rally fundraiser in 2011 by founder as a benefit for the . With the immense success of the rally, he created a black tie charity event called The Teddy Ball in 2013 which benefited Rady Children’s Hospital San Diego. In September of 2014, C4K received its 501(c)3 status and now organizes multiple events that benefit various youth organizations and foundations. C4K is on the path to grow its outreach through its unique events, fundraisers, and branding. Our board is comprised of 8 members who have each contributed numerous hours and their expertise to build C4K into the great foundation it is today.

Our Mission: C4K’s mission is to raise money through our charity events to support and fund other kids and youth organizations on a local, state, federal, and global level. C4K is truly a non-profit meaning that the board members do not take a salary and dedicate their time and resources for free. "We don't put on just any event, it's an experience," say founder Nino Venturella. "We want to help promote and bring awareness to other non-profits in the community that may not have the resources or ability to organize niche events."

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Curing childhood cancer, one cup at a time


Our mission is to raise money and awareness of childhood cancer causes, primarily for research into new treatments and cures, and to encourage and empower others, especially children, to get involved and make a difference for children with cancer.  


 Alex’s Lemonade Stand Foundation (ALSF) shares the vision of our founder and creator, Alexandra “Alex” Scott—a cure for all children with cancer.

When Alex, who was diagnosed with childhood cancer just before her first birthday, was four, she told her parents she wanted to set up a front-yard lemonade stand. Her plan: to give the money to doctors to help them find a cure. Her first “Alex’s Lemonade Stand”, held with the help of her older brother Patrick, raised an astonishing $2,000 in one day. While bravely fighting her own cancer, Alex continued to set up lemonade stands every year. As news spread of the remarkable girl so dedicated to helping other sick children, people everywhere were inspired to start their own lemonade stands—donating the proceeds to her cause.

In 2004 when Alex passed away at the age of eight—her stand and inspiration had raised more than $1 million towards finding a cure for the disease that took her life. Alex’s Lemonade Stand Foundation was started by her parents in 2005 to continue the work that Alex began. Our mission is simple: to raise money for and awareness of childhood cancer causes—especially research into new treatments and cures—and to encourage and empower others, especially children, to get involved and make a difference for children with cancer.

Since Alex set up her first lemonade stand in 2000—truly exemplifying the saying “When life hands you lemons, make lemonade”—we have raised more than $120 million. That money has helped to:

·         Fund more than 550 cutting-edge research projects

·         Create a travel program to help support families of children receiving treatment

·         Develop resources to help people everywhere affected by childhood cancer

Alex’s Lemonade Stand Foundation is the living embodiment of Alex’s spirit of determination and hope. Like Alex, we believe that every person can make a difference. Together, we can bring about a cure. Please join us in “making lemonade” today! 

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