The Bugatti Dynamic Driving Experience

Cruise 4 Kids was invited to participate in the ultimate driving experience hosted by Bugatti. On Saturday, January 25th, five special guests were invited to drive one of the most expensive cars in the world, the Bugatti Grand Sport Vitesse.

As we drove up the driveway of La Quinta Resort & Club, we could see in the distance a tangerine orange Vitesse parked in near the valet. A 2013 Grand Sport Vitesse sat in front teasing us like boy staring at his new shiny bicycle for the first time. In our rooms we found a welcome package with Bugatti branded polo & slippers, truffles, and welcome letter from the marketing team. The first line read, "In the next 24 hours you will enjoy a unique experience with the fastest car in the world." It then illustrated our agenda for the next 24 hours. For starters a cocktail hour with Bugatti executives and driving team. Then a gourmet dinner with the executives going over the history of the company and how their vehicles redefine the boundaries of technology.


In the morning we were transported to Bighorn Country Club where we met the driving team. The $2.8 million dollar tangerine orange Grand Sport Vitesse with black carbon fiber trim was parked ready for a spin. A custom matte white 2012 Veyron Grand Sport with red carbon fiber trim and red crocodile interior was parked nearby. We each drove the Vitesse for 45 minutes through the open roads around the resort. The heart pounding quad turbocharged W-16 engine producing 1,200 horsepower and 1,106 pound-feet of torque, allowing it to hit 62 mph in 2.6 seconds to go with a top speed of 255 mph finally became a reality. One guest joked that he "could now mark driving a Bugatti off his bucket list."

track run.JPG
track run 1.JPG

Then we were transported to Thermal Airport where we had a private taxiway closed off for our high speed run. The executives greeted us at the foot of the taxiway in a large white tent with a catered lunch. A black and red Veyron Grand Sport was fueled ready to give us a once in a lifetime experience. The 3/4 mile taxiway had cones at the end where we were instructed to "test the stopping power." Each guest completed a trial run as a passenger and two runs as a driver. As we sat in the driver seat we were instructed to grip the steering wheel firmly, lift our foot off the brake, as soon as we felt it roll, slam on the gas and hold the pedal to the floor till we passed the cones. You could hear the turbos sucking in air as our heads pulled back into the headrests. Each run felt like a rocket ship taking off and then testing the stopping power of the massive ceramic brakes. You could see the huge spoiler shifted up through the rear view mirror as an air brake when we slammed on the brakes. The braking was just as impressive as power with its superior control and handling. We were clocking our runs with a top speed of 171 mph. If the taxiway was longer we could of easily hit 200mph... maybe next time :0) 

AuthorNino Venturella